Why has my climate footprint assessment changed?

Climate science is an ever-growing domain that improves continuously with new scientific insights. We take great pride in keeping climate footprints at their most up-to-date and always supplied with the latest available climate science.

What does that mean for my climate footprint?

Your climate footprint is not set in stone and there might be changes along the way. It could be that you efficiently reduced your emissions and want to show the world. Or it could be the case that new scientific findings have been published, and the CarbonCloud platform has been adapted accordingly.

What if I want to use my old number?

If you have published your web report, simply click on the “Share tab” on the last canvas of your supply chain (most likely distribution to store shelf of your product).

On the bottom right, you can select the number that will be shown on your web report - perfect for you, who are labelling or have just recently gone public.

At the same time, your web report page will show live footprint updates just under the label - keeping your consumers up-to-date! Your report will be updated the next day to guarantee you - climate transparency all the way.

How do I know what has changed?

If you have published your web report, simply scroll down to the change-log to retrace if data updates have been made.

What is CarbonCloud’s approach?

At CarbonCloud, we simply will not pass an opportunity to get better. We have set out to make trustworthy claims and to deliver on that, we must embrace that we have much to learn still.

The climate footprint assessment is an ever-growing attempt of understanding its mechanisms and describing them. Our understanding grows in light of new scientific findings and new incoming data – about yield, electricity, and transport systems. This is the answer to why climate footprints change: As reality changes and our understanding grows, we are apt to adapt to it – and to get to the better side.

Read all about it here: Adapt or die? Climate footprints choose ‘Adapt’.