Why do you work with conservative values?

Brand or product owners who want to dive deeper into the claims and highlight the hues of their climate performance need to conversely model it with a higher level of detail.

As a result, they need to provide more evidence to back up said details. A brand or product owner who is content with a conservative estimation of their product does not have to provide the same level of detailed information as one who wants the lowest possible result.

A brand or product owner with high ambitions who aspires to claim that they are among the champions in climate performance needs to provide evidence that they are the positive exception.

Does this mean that all products’ footprints from the platform are grossly overestimated?

No, it does not.The better the input data for any calculation, the closer to the actual value the result is. Many producers and brand owners have near access to data, which brings the assessments really close to the true climate footprint since most or all relevant data is known. The platform also is built to guide users to focus their data collection on the processes and ingredients that matter. Some parts of the production process have a large influence on the results and other parts matter less.