What are the best procedures when comparing products?

Here is how you should compare your products to avoid future trouble.

Comparing your product is one of the biggest advantages of using CarbonCloud. What CarbonCloud does is calculate all their products using the same methodology, giving consistent results throughout the platform.

However, ClimateHub is a living platform with constant improvements and potential changes that might affect the products you are comparing. It is for this reason why you should always state when that comparison was made. CarbonCloud stores all the changes and in case of legal issues, the product history may protect you.

Also, CarbonCloud does not back any calculation made within ClimateHub. We only back the Climate Footprints calculated. We trust the customer to make honest and reasonable comparisons throughout the platform. 

Finally, when it comes to naming, we recommend that you refer to the specific product names on ClimateHub when you compare footprints, and try not to generalise from them.

E.g. you are comparing your product (Sweet potato Chips sold in the UK) with "Benchmark Sweet potato Chips (UK)". If you state that your product is better than "Chips" and refer to "Benchmark Sweet potato Chips (UK)", you might be challenged on it because "Chips" is a broader definition than "Benchmark Sweet potato Chips (UK)".

To sum up, what you need to do in order to be as safe as possible is:

  1.  Compare products within the platform.
  2. Make honest and reasonable comparisons.
  3. State when the comparison was made.
  4. Use the specific names used in ClimateHub and try not to generalise.