Why does CarbonCloud focus on climate change?

Sustainability issues are interconnected and climate change has a strong effect on e.g. water scarcity and biodiversity loss. More explicitly, the worse climate change gets, the worse these other issues will get as a result.

Rapid climate change caused by human activities such as food production has severe negative impact on the physical environment, the ecosystems and us as human species. However, climate change is by no means the only negative externality associated with food production.

Food production is also the main driver for antibiotic resistance, animal welfare issues, unsustainable water extraction, eutrophication, biodiversity loss from pesticide usage, habitat destruction and overfishing. There are also important public health and worker-safety issues related to food production. This is not intended as a comprehensive list of food production related externalities.

The focus of CarbonCloud is solely climate change. This focus is chosen without any ranking of the importance of climate change relative to any other of the negative externalities associated with food production.