Why is my packaging step not working correctly?

If your packaging step is not working correctly, it could be the case that you might have accidentally connected a packaging step as packaging material.

Let's break down the details:

1. How to add packaging material:

You can add a new packaging material by clicking anywhere on the empty canvas and selecting “Ingredients”. CarbonCloud’s ingredient database is extensive, but occasionally there may be specific packaging materials that we have not yet added to the platform. In this case, please reach out to your designated Customer Success Manager.

2. How to add a packaging step (refinement step):

Once you have added your packaging materials and the transportation to your facility, you can add a packaging step. You can add the packaging step by clicking anywhere on the empty canvas and selecting “Packaging”.

3. How to connect packaging material and packaging step:

As a next step, connect the transportation of your packaging materials to the packaging step. Input how many kg of packaging material you need to package 1kg of your product. Make sure to select “connect as packaging material” at the bottom of the window. The packaging material input is usually displayed in a dark blue color.