What is the science behind CarbonCloud's climate footprint calculations?

CarbonCloud is a software based on a biophysical model that has been developed during more than 20 years of scientific endeavours. The model can calculate climate footprints quickly and with a high degree of accuracy.

Click here to read CarbonCloud's extended scientific methodology.

The CarbonCloud platform (online software) provides the framework for climate footprint assessments of products. The software gives access to a comprehensive library of agricultural products from different countries and regions. The climate footprints of these products are calculated with the CarbonCloud agricultural model.  

The CarbonCloud agricultural model is a model of farm level emissions based on the IPCC guidelines (IPCC, 2019), complemented with estimates of emissions due to production of inputs (for a list of mechanisms included and excluded, see CarbonCloud's extended scientific methodology). When primary data from suppliers are not available, the input to this model is taken from a database of activity estimates constructed with representativeness as the main goal.