What is a benchmark?

CarbonCloud has calculated the climate footprints of the most common food products sold in typical grocery stores.

The assessments concern hypothetical representative products on the market, and are based on available data provided by stakeholders, secondary/generic data, and approximations. The benchmark climate footprint cannot be referred to as an “average” since it is not possible to have complete knowledge of all individual products that are sold globally.

Instead, the benchmark climate footprints can be used to make statements such as “Our confectionery has a X% lower climate footprint than ‘milk chocolate’ on the CarbonCloud platform.”

We are continuously working on increasing the quality of our climate footprint assessments and updating our models with the most recent input data. Therefore, the climate footprint of our benchmarks can change over time.

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Don't forget to claim a benchmark product if it is yours! We can work with you to include your product in CarbonCloud's ClimateHub and help improve the accuracy and transparency of the industry. Click the 'Claim Product' button to learn more.